Contact is a content website created in 2012. Influenced by Jacques Slade, the site provides a personalized look at the biggest trends in technology, footwear, gear and all things cool. With direct access to the world’s biggest brands, Jacques is one of the few that has an active grasp on the pulse of this generation. On Youtube,  Jacques ‘Kustoo’ Slade highlights daily updates and reviews on the best performance, lifestyle, and retro sneakers on Today in Sneaks. Jacques is also a contributing editor at Complex (and having previously worked Kicksonfire and NiceKicks),  and you don’t need to look any further for best news coverage of the biggest footwear brands.

Outside of the world wide web, Jacques has been featured on television and film and has composed music for those outlets as well.

For more information or to discuss further business opportunities, please contact Jacques at kustoo (at) gmail dot com.