Google and adidas link for a talking shoe at SXSW

Google gets a step ahead with an experimental talking shoe at SXSW.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Teaser

Samsung posts first teaser video for Galaxy S 4

On My Radar: HTC One

HTC kicks off the new year with the new HTC One. Looks like there is a new envy-worthy Android device on the block.

Huge Meteor Breaks Up Over Russia

The sonic boom from the meteor breaking up over the atmosphere is amazing!

Nike keeps FuelBand iOS only, no plans for Android App

The Nike FuelBand remains a popular item, but in order to use it to its full capability, you will need to hop on over to iOS.

The Next Big Thing: LeBron James x Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung links with LeBron James on the Samsung Galaxy Note II for the Next Big Thing!