Nike Golf Traces Rory’s Steps in New Ad with Tiger

Henry Adams once said, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” While We can be sure he wasn’t taking about Tiger Woods, if you talked to Rory, he might have a different story.

Posted yesterday, Nike Golf tells the story of a young Rory and his mentor, Tiger Woods. Mentor is actually a tough word to use in this instance as Tiger never directly taught Rory anything. Or did he? As most of us are influenced by the people around us and the people we watch on television, Rory grew up watching Tiger Woods play.

Like me watching Jordan play, Rory was influenced by Tiger’s passion for the game and the skill level. Wanting to be like Tiger when he grew up, Rory practiced harder, put himself in mock situations and did the things Tiger did.

For Rory is was Tiger and golf, for me it was Jordan and basketball, for others it could be Serena and Tennis. Either way, the ripple continues. Take a look at the full ad above and enjoy the greatest golf tournament ever this week, the Masters.