Nike Air Max Zero – Back to the Beginning


Before the 1. Meet the Nike Air Max Zero

Today, Nike Sportswear looked 29 years into the past and gave us a look at the early work of Tinker Hatfield with the Nike Air Max Zero. Billed as the one before the 1, the silhouette has all the familiar designs cues of the Air Max 1, but with a much more futuristic design.

For those not familiar with the history of the Nike Air Max, the line started back on March 26, 1989. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max 1 marked the first time Nike choose to show the Air Unit in the heel of the shoe. Inspired by the inside-out design of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Tinker wanted to shoe runners the technology beneath their feet.

As with most designs, the original sketch went through several design changes before the final was created. Early on in the process Tinker settled on a design that wouldn’t see the light of day for 29 years, the Nike Air Max Zero. Similar in concept and shape to the Nike Air Max 1, the Air Max Zero can be described as more daring and adventurous than the 1. The design is closer fitting to the foot and incorporated several features that would eventually serve as key highlights in footwear created years later.

Tasked with bringing something to light for Air Max Day 2015, Graeme McMillan took Tinker’s design and updated the materials to today’s standards. Additionally, Graeme reinterpreted the archived sketch to give it a more contemporary look. Fuse uppers, a monofilament yarn mesh, and a cored-out Phylon construction helped bring the model up to date; bringing 29 years of Air Max history together for Air Max Day 2015.

The Air Max Zero will be available for preorder on in select markets on March 22. It will be available at select Nike Sportswear retailers and on Air Max Day (March 26).