Nike and Rory Debut New Nike Golf Engage Wedges


If you have been around a golf course long enough, you have probably heard that the game is won around the green. Pitching and chipping are some of the biggest problem areas for amateur golfers and can easily take you from a birdie to a double boggie if you are not careful.

Looking to help out in that area, Nike and Rory McIllroy recently announced the new Nike Golf Engage Wedges. The wedges take a 3-point attack to the wedge section of your bag with 3-key interaction points between the golf club and the turf, the club face and the golf ball and the connection between the athlete and his or her equipment.

Officially debuted by Rory at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, the Engage Wedges followed an approach that is seen in the recently released Nike Vapor clubs and incorporates Modern Muscle. Modern Muscle shifts the center of gravity of the club to “promote stability and consistent turf interaction in even the worst of playing conditions.”

One of the features I like is that Nike went with an athlete-authentic raw finish instead of chrome plating. Nike believes it will reduce glare as well as increase surface roughness to improve spin and control. Personally, I just like the way it looks. `

The Nike Engage Wedges ($119.99) will be available on on April 17 in three distinct sole grinds: Dual Sole, Square Sole and Toe Sweep.