ICYMI: Air Jordan 11 Black/Gold, Star Wars, Nike Kyrie 1, Kobe 9, Terminator and more

From custom Air Jordan 11 worth $2000, to the Nike Kyrie 1, to Star Wars, to the two upcoming $275 Kobe 9 EXTs on the horizon. This is In Case You Missed it.

Kyrie 1 Everything You Need To Know: 

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Air Jordan 11 Customs
Kobe 9 EXT Black and Red
Google Fiber Hits Austin
Dish Network Loses CBS Channels

What up? Its been a good week around here with lots of stuff that cover. Stuff like some custom Jays, crazy fast internet, Lil Wayne, some Kobe 9 EXTs, and why it sucks to be on Dish, I am Jacques Slade, and this is In Case You Missed It.

As always let start with sneakers. The Kobe 9 is going the EXT route later this month with both a black and red version popping up around the web. The full title is Kobe 9 KRM EXT. I have no idea what the KRM stands for. The interesting thing about these is that they actually use the style of the Kobe 6, a model that I really liked. Pricing on these is a little steep though, the premium look and materials will cost you $275 on the 13th for the black and the 20th for the red.

If you happen to live in Austin, I kinda hate you right now. Google just rolled out Google fiber in your city which means you the potential of 1000MB up and down. In case you have no idea what that means, most people, myself included, have between 5-10 MB up and 1-3 MB down. I could upload Youtube video in like 30 seconds with those type of speeds instead of the 10-15 minutes it takes right now. And playing multiplayer on halo would be basically lagless. I hate you Austin.

Now to some not so good news, if you have Dish, you are probably missing a few channels on your TV tonight. They are in a contract dispute with CBS and CBS pulled their channels. Things like this are going to get more and more common as people like you are I start watching more and more “TV” on the internet. But then watch the cost of the internet go up. See why I hate Austin so much now?

Switching back to sneakers, some really dope custom popped up early in the week and I didn’t get a chance to talk about them. It is the Air Jordan 11. There were created by KXIV, his momma call him Nathan, and they are gorgeous. The shoes use genuine black black python, lasercut metallic cowhide, buffalo leather straps, and pig & lambskin lining. The shoes feature the traditionally Thai pattern, Narayana emblem, and text which were lasercut over the course of sixteen hours.

If you are a movie buff and/or like Sci-Fi, make sure you check out the trailers for Terminator and Star Wars if you haven’t already. The Star Wars trailer shows a new Light Saber which I am not sure I like, and the Terminator trailer shows a bunch of crashing a burning which I am not opposed to at all. Both look really good and you should check them both out, along with Jurassic Park.

And finally, Lil Wayne announced via twitter that he is not happy with his label Cash Money Records and that they are actually holding him back from releasing the Carter V and that he wanted off the label. I reached out to a few folks about it and was told that Weezy was in fact serious, but we haven’t really heard much about it out of either camp. We’ll all just keep our fingers crossed that the album comes out soon.

Okay well this one is actually finally, the Kyrie 1 officially released this week and I put together an Everything You Need To Know to keep you all updated on the shoe which will come in sizes all the way down to pre-school. I’ll put a link to that down in the description.

Well that does if for this week, if there is some news I missed, let me know down in the comments. Also, hit that subscribe button if you like what you see it I am your host Jacques Slade and this is In Case you Missed it and as always, I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon, Peace.