ICYMI: Jordan Gift of Flight “Confirmed”, Call of Duty, Legend Blue Jordan 11 Images and more

Ep.02 Jordan Gift of Flight Confirmed, Call of Duty has some crazy stats, a closer look at the Jordan 11 “Legend Blue”, and more on the latest episode of In Case You Missed It. ICYMI.

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What up, Hope you all had a good thanksgiving. Even though this was a holiday weekend, there was plenty of news out there from Jordan, Google, activision and more. This is ICYMI.

Lets start with sneakers. Though there is nothing official out there, it has all but been confirmed that there will be two Air Jordan 11 dropping this Christmas. The Legend Blue which you have probably seen a thousand times already, and the Gift of Flight pair that comes in a pack with the Jordan XX9. The Gift of Flight pack is scheduled to release on the 23 and rumored to cost $500.

If you are a fan of Call of Duty, Activision released some crazy stats about the game this week. Such as: Since 2010, The Call Of Duty franchise has had 125+ million* total players. In the first 7 days, 5 million hours of Advanced Warfare were watched over on Twitch.com That breaks down to 623 Years in its first week, and In the first 2 weeks, 16.1 Billion total boost jumps. That is equivalent to more than 230 trips to the moon from the earth. Fun Fact Mankind has only ever made 9 trips to the moon. Basically, I’m trying to tell you that the game is really popular and that I suck at it, but whatevs.

If you fly one of those Drones like the Phantom, you may be required to get a pilot’s license. According to some reports, the FAA is thinking about changing the rules and will require commercial drone operators to have a pilot’s license and restrict flight times to daylight hours. The new rules will also limit flights to the pilot’s line of sight and altitude to 400-feet. No need to panic as this is all based on a report in the Wall Street Journal, but it is something to kee an eye on.

On the Google Front, if you use the Chromecast on your TV, the system was just updated to include Comedy Central, Nickelodean, and Sesame Street Go. It already has HBO, NetFlix, and Hulu Plus, but these last three make 53 channels and make it that much better, especially if you like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

If you’ve been looking for a cell phone, Motorola is having a Cyber Monday deal on the Moto X which I hear is a pretty good phone. According to The Verge, it is one of the best phones you can buy and it is unlocked and it is $140 off. The price is down to $359 for 16gb and $409 for 32 gb. If you compare that to the price of an unlocked iPhone 6 which is $649, you will see the benefit.

And last but not least, New images of the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue surfaced and the shoe looks really nice. The White upper mixes patent leather and the cordura mesh, while Legend blue takes hold of the branding and on the translucent outsole. The last details are the black writing on the tongue and the black liner. Look for official photos to release in the future, but for now, here is the best look yet and remember these release on December 20 for $200.

Well that does if for this week, if there is some news I missed, let me know down in the comments. Also, hit that subscribe button if you like what you see it makes big difference when you do it. I am your host Jacques Slade and this is IN Case you Missed it and as always, I appreciate you and I’ll see you soon, Peace.