Amazon Fire TV Stick


The battle for your TV is just starting to happen. Everyone from Apple with the Apple TV, to Google with the Google Chromecast, has something they think will help elevate your video viewing experience. Today , Amazon is throwing their hand into the ring again with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The new streaming device is similar in theory to the Chromecast, but Amazon has spec’d the device out with 4x the storage and 2x the memory.

Most most of these type of devices, the Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to stream Netflix, HuluPlus, Bloomberg TV and of course Amazon Instant Video which has over 200, 000 shows and movies. Unlike the Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick comes with a remote, however, Amazon has made an app available in the iOS and Android store that allows you to control the device from your smartphone.

if you are using an Android device, the new Fire TV Stick allows you to mirror your tablet or smartphone screen on your TV. There are a few additional updates such as gaming (limited) and Amazon’s ASAP services which tries to guess what you will watch next based on your viewing habits.

Pricing for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is $40, however, if you are an Amazon Prime Members, you can grab one for $20 for the first 40 hours.