Broadcast Live on GoPro with an iPhone


If you ever wanted to share your action sport moments live and in the moment as opposed to after they’ve been chopped an edited by your crew, the new Live Stream App my have just what you need…if you have a GoPro and an iPhone. Released today in part with the new GoPro 4, the new Live Stream App adds the ability to lifestream your best moments through the iOS app and a 4G connection. Something we could have used during the LiveStream from All-Star weekend with Steph Curry.

Budding lifestreams would just need to link Livestream’s iOS app to the GoPro’s Wi-Fi network, and as long as they are on 4G, they can stream till their heart is content. Outside of the 4g requirement, the phone must also stay in close proximity to the GoPro so that it doesn’t break the Wi-Fi connectivity. The company believes the it should work with GoPro Hero4, unveiled last week, but has yet to confirm.

For footage of the quality of the live stream, check out the an archived demo video of a live bike ride. The new LIveStream App is available now via the App Store.