Lowepro Hardside 200 and 300 Photography Case

As I begin to travel more and more, the need for a hard travel case is becoming apparent. With two cameras, 4 lens, and a laptop, my bag easily gets super heavy and is starting to take up one of my carry ons. I currently use a Lowepro for my soft case backpack, and this Hardside is starting to really look nice in my eyes. I could probably get away with the 200, but the 300 is looking like an option as well. Like that they are IP67-rated, not that I will be doing any of the stuff they are doing in the film up above. I just need to make sure they are protected on the plane with the normal luggage. I’ve seen the way the luggage handlers throw bags around.

I swear, between cameras and kicks, I am going to need another job. Check out the Lowepro Hardside here.

  • @rayp_photos

    i could never trust checking in my camera gear, nope. Case looks dope. Traveling with camera gear is the worst, one of the reasons why I switched to a Mirrorless system