Converse Weapon

2014_ConverseWeapon 2

Converse, like a lot of brands, has a huge stash of kicks in their archive that they can release, but they have put a major focus on the Weapon. The model is without a doubt a classic in the Converse line of basketball shoes and the silhouette looks to withstand the test of time. The simple upper and outsole make it easy to color up and the history of NBA players like Magic and Bird rocking the shoe only add to its mystique.

Converse recently sent a pair over for me to review and I instantly felt some type of way about them. The cushioning and cut has been updated for the modern times and there are a ton of new color ways. In Los Angeles, where I live, Laker fans love to rock a pair of these in Purple and Gold and this Black and White pair would have worked well back when the Raikers were still here. Their bad, I will just have to rock these to a King’s game instead.

For those looking to get their hands on the Converse Weapon, you can grab a pair over at for$85.

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