Jordan Remastered Retros: Everything You Need To Know

There is no doubt in the minds of anyone that loves sneakers that the retros from Jordan Brand are a hot item. The memories alone are enough to help the product sell. However, over the years, fans of the Jordan retros have started to cry foul. The quality of the product that brand has been releasing over the past few years has not been what people expect. From things like paint chipping to irregular creasing patterns, to bad manufacturing jobs that left extra glue visible, the community has taken notice. Thankfully, so has Jordan Brand.

Earlier this week, I had the chance to sit down at a Jordan Remastered Retros round table with several members of the Jordan Brand team. Dave Schechter, VP Category Footwear Lead, Michael Hochdoerffer,Footwear Engineering Director, and Jeff Atienza, Footwear Product Line Manager. Each of the three play a crucial role in the role out of Jordan Brand retro product and offered up their thoughts and opinions on the process, the new process, and what we can come to expect in 2014.

Introduced earlier in the year, the new Jordan Remastered Retro attempts to bring back the line to the days of old. The team has taken a careful approach to the new version of the retro shoes that maintains the quality, durability, look, and feel that owners of the original Air Jordan line have been asking for that last few years. We spoke at length about the new way the leather will be cut, the way the backing will be made, how the shoe will travel down the assembly line, and how each step will be scrutinized by the line workers themselves to make sure they meet the quality standards of the brand.

I was able to get my hands on the product, and I can tell you the build does feel better and the quality does feel more premium. The leather feels soft and supple and the entire process seems to fulfill the brand promise on the Air Jordan 12, “Quality inspired by the greatest player ever.” Pricing for the new retro product hasn’t been officially set yet, but the brand expects the impact to be about 10-15% which amounts to about $20 USD. As for an official release, details are pretty slim, but the first product is expected to release in January, with 2 releases, the Jordan X Bulls Over Broadway, and the Jordan X “Lady Liberty” expected to release over All-Star weekend 2015. Check the video above for a more detailed analysis of the round table and enjoy the images below.