Madden 25 Available Now

Football season is just around the corner, and there is no better way to get the trash talk ready then a good ole fashion game of Madden. Regardless of where you loyalties lie on the field, when it comes to the game, you definitely have to choose wisely. For those that are sticking with the last generation consoles, the game will feature NFL legend Barry Sanders on the cover. Barry is part of the tie in with Pepsi Max that will allow you to unlock him, as well as other NFL legends in the game. For those who want to get their Next Generation of gaming going on, the Xbox One and the PS4 will feature Adrian Peterson on the cover.

As far as gameplay is concerned, you can expect better graphics, True Step Locomotion, and Player Sense. Madden 25, as in the 25th Anniversary, is available now on all four platforms, Xbox360, Ps3, Xbox One, and PS4. Boom.