The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Rich and Well

About a year ago, I received a call to write a song for an upcoming film, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. As with all music placements, I was really excited about it and jumped at the chance to have my music heard by the masses. This weekend, the movie hit the box office and I am excited to say that my music is part of the film. The creative visions of Directors have always been pretty amazing to me and for Mira Nair to appreciate my music enough to include it in her film is a blessing.

Unfortunately, my song didn’t make it to the soundtrack, but if you want to grab it, I have made it available on Bandcamp. Additionally, I have included a sample of it below for you to listen to. If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out the movie so you can hear the song in context. Enjoy!

  • Georgina Bastien

    While watching the movie, this tune “Rich and Well” popped for me, so that I had to stop, search and find. It took some serious digging at the time. I finally found and purchased it. Sumn ’bout the beat really resonates with me. Appreciate it.