Video: The Mercedes CLA Project

One of my favorite film makers is Casey Neistat. He has an incredibly raw way of telling stories that keeps me entertained and manage to inspire me to get out and create at the same time. I remember talking to him once over email and he expressed to me the importance of the story. How it doesn’t really matter what you use (camera or otherwise), the goal should be to keep the story honest. For his latest series, Casey was commissioned by Mercedes to talk about the new Mercedes CLA.

For those that are into cars, the Mercedes CLA was hyped at the Superbowl earlier this year and is geared toward a younger audience. The pairing with Casey sits well with that audience as they are the people that will get the most from his work. With the video above only being part 1 of his journey, you can expect a lot more from Casey. Enjoy.

For more of Casey’s work, be sure to check out his Youtube Channel.