Detailed Look: Nike Air Force 1 Downtown BHM

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This past weekend, I was giving the unique opportunity to host the Nike Day of Service in Compton. For the panel, I had a  chance to talk to the people in attendance about what it means to Be Bold and Be True, but I was also able to interview three very inspiring individual. The first person was a young man named Patric Buckner. Patrick, a 10th grader, is an incredibly talented spoken word artist that is currently studying Greek and Shakespeare. His passion for his art and his delivery is incredible for his age and makes me want to start writing again.

The second person I spoke with was Olympic athlete Jason Richardson. During out interview, Jason spoke of his training regimen and how he had to give up certain things to get where he is today. He took the time to explain to the kids that he wakes up 5-7 days a week before the sun rises to train. From the weight room to the track, he made sure they knew he worked hard and that running is his job.

Finally, I also interview Coach Storm. Coach Storm is an all-around amazing and inspiring individual. He not only runs a Basketball skills clinic, but he also teach 8th grade history. I can tell you from experience, teaching is not an easy job, but with someone with the character and moral fortitude of Coach Storm, I know those kids are better for it. His approach to coaching is honest and I think he does an amazing job at letting the kids know that they will only get out of it what they put into it.

In addition to the event, Nike was nice enough to gift me a “Be Bold Be True” t-shirt as the Nike Air Force 1 Downton BHM. After having a moment to breathe it all in, the t-shirt really signifies the efforts of the three men I had the chance to interview and I hope the message resonated with those in attendance. As for the Air Force 1, well the quality is top notch. The leather is soft and a beautiful brown. The stitching is very well down and the balance of the black against the orange is just right. Additional detailing includes custom insole that highlight Didier Drogba’s efforts in Africa to create sustainable energy, an idea that is immortalized on the heel of the show with a lightbulb shaped soccer ball. The Nike Air Force 1 Downton BHM  is available now at

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