adidas: BOOST — Cushioning Technology

Energy efficiency. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider the amount of energy you use when running and jumping, it becomes a major concern. Yesterday, in New York City, adidas announced a new level of running called Energy Boost. The new technology is a revolutionary cushioning system which provides the highest energy return in the running industry. In addition to it’s energy return, the new foam is said to be 3x more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material.

Though running isn’t necessarily my thing, the use of this material in basketball shoes seems pretty revolutionary in my eyes. With so much energy exerted while you play, the higher the return the better.  I am looking forward to giving these a try and seeing how they feel outside of the testing facilities. Here’s to hoping that we hear more about this in the coming months. Be sure to visit for more info.


adidas Global Innovation Day: Energy Boost Launch