Nike Lunar Force 1 Media Event

NikeAirLunar1 1

The Nike Air Force 1 is by far the most popular sneaker in the Nike stable. Loved by people across the board, Nike is updating, or rather creating, a new derivative of the sneaker, the Nike Lunar Force 1. Similar to the original, the Lunar Force 1 takes most of the visual cues associated with the uptown, but slims it down so that it is not as heavy. Hyperfuse is used throughout the upper and the toe box has been slighted trimmed to help slim the model down a bit. Last night, I was invited to a special event hosted by Nick Huff of Hard Knock TV, and was presented with the special pack seen here. The pack included a special box that explained the Nike Lunar Force 1 as well as a pair of the kicks, a sweater, and a Nike FuelBand. The Nike Lunar Force 1 is being released in limited supplies over the coming weekend and should start to hit major retailers later this month.

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